Selecting a Style for Your Website

When selecting a design it is important to remember that each industry has its own needs. An e-commerce website should emphasize the sites products and focus on selling, the call-to-action buttons must be easy to find by the viewers and the images should be of high quality. A corporate website should be made to impress and its design should emanate trust, power and safety. A kids related website must be funny, with colors that express joy, maybe even some funny illustrations, etc. These are things to keep in mind when selecting a template or design for your site. A good designer usually has a collection of good designs they can suggest and should have an understanding of the type of industry you are trying to get into. If you are building the site yourself try checking out some Twitter Bootstrap Themes or even some HTML5 Templates. If you have a Developer helping you out just ask them to see some of the templates they have and always remember the final decision is yours.

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