Creating an Outline for your Website

Creating an Outline for your Website -

An outline can help your developer understand what your goals are and make it easier to build exactly what you are looking for. Here are some things you should should have mapped out if you are having a site built.

1. Do you have a business name or do you know what your site will be called?

2. Do you already have an official color scheme or a logo?

3. Who is your target audience that you hope to reach with your website and what do you hope to accomplish by reaching them?

4. What types of things do you want users to be able to do or accomplish or obtain on your website?

5. How often if at all do you want to update things on your website and what are those things that you would want to have updated?

6. Do you already have images selected? if not talk to your developer and they should be able to help acquire some. If not there are many websites online that sell stock images just make sure you have chosen a theme or template and before selecting images.

7. Do you plan on writing your own "copy" or content? If you do not have copy written your developer should be able to help out or you can hire a "copywriter" to write relevant copy for you.

8. Do you know of any sites that are similar to what you want to have built?

9. Describe your company’s Service or Goal

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